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Simplified, cost-effective process:

Lower energy and water consumption. Lower capital costs. Avoids higher operating costs of competing processes. Ability to demonstrate process effectiveness at industrial scale using client feed stocks.

Facilitates the development of a flexible technology platform optimized to convert a variety of cellulosic materials into a range of fuels, chemical intermediates and other valuable compounds.


Green World Fuels works with world class partners to deliver its solutions and draws on their expertise in their fields to help deliver the most efficient solution.


TMO is a global technology provider that develops world-class biotech and engineering solutions to produce 'second generation' bioethanol from biomass.

TMO has established a strong partnership with GWF to develop multi-product bio refineries with companies around the world, drawing on TMO’s expertise in operating the UK's first cellulosic ethanol process demonstration unit.


Screening and separation systems.

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