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Greenworld Fuels

Greenworld Fuels (GWF) offers turnkey solutions for treating Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) centered on a robust and innovative technology, which converts the biomass fraction into fuel grade Ethanol.

Greenworld Fuels, an established company, has researched and developed an innovative approach, which is highly cost-effective, providing a unique solution to the acute environmental problems involved. This reduces the need for landfill and in turn produces a highly saleable energy source primarily as a gasoline substitute.

The GWF solution uses the PSHS (an innovative steam and thermal treatment) carried out in an unpressurised system.

GWF has within its group a Research, Development and Manufacturing base in Latvia, and a renowned and substantial steel fabrication company with 50 years experience.

The company has built an industrial scale PDU (Процесс demonstration unit) at the site of our manufacturing facility in Riga.

The Company is presently developing its first project in Russia and has further projects in the pipeline.

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